Among the men who fought on Iwo Jima, uncommon valor was a common virtue.

Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN, 16 March 1945.

The 5th Marine Division was a United States Marine Corps ground combat division which was activated on 11 November 1943 (officially activated on 21 January 1944) at Camp Pendleton, California during World War II.

The 5th Division saw its first combat action during the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945 where it sustained the highest number of casualties of the three Marine divisions of the V Amphibious Corps (invasion force).

The 5th Division was to be part of the planned invasion of the Japan homeland before Japan surrendered. Assault troops of the 5th Division were included in the Presidential Unit Citation awarded to the V Amphibious Corps for extraordinary heroism on Iwo Jima from 19 to 28 February 1945. The 5th Division was deactivated on 5 February 1946.

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Who made up the 5th Marine Division?

  • 26th Marine Regiment
  • 27th Marine Regiment
  • 28th Marine Regiment
  • 13th Marine Regiment (Artillery)
  • 5th Engineer Battalion
  • 5th Pioneer Battalion
  • 5th Tank Battalion
  • 5th Service Battalion
  • 5th Motor Transportation BTN
  • 5th Medical Battalion
  • 5th Amphibian Tractor BTN
  • 5th Joint Assault Signal BTN
  • 2nd Armored Amphibian Tractor BTN
  • 3rd Amphibian Tractor Battalion
  • 11th Amphibian Tractor Battalion
  • 5th Marine Observation Squadron
  • 6th Marine War Dog Platoon
  • 27th Replacement Battalion
  • 31st Replacement Battalion
  • 3rd Platoon, 2nd Laundry Company
  • 3rd Provisional Rocket Detachment

Headquarters Battalion

  • 5th Headquarters Company
  • 5th Signal Company
  • 5th Reconnaissance Company
  • 5th Military Police Company
  • 5th Division Band
  • G-2 Section

Occupation of Japan

  • 26th Marines: Deployed to Sasebo and Palau Islands
  • 27th Marines: Deployed to Sasebo
  • 28th Marines: Deployed to Sasebo

5th Marines in Vietnam

The 5th Division was never activated in Vietnam but the following regiments served with distinction in other Marine Divisions:

  • 26th Marine Regiment, 3rd Division
  • 27th Marine Regiment, 1st Division
  • 13th Marine Regiment, 3rd Division

Who supported the 5th Marine Division?

The 5th Marine Division was supported by many great men and women who served in other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. We give thanks to the following units and battalions for their critical roles in victory.

Attached U.S. Navy Units

  • 31st Naval Construction Battalion

Attached U.S. Army Units

  • 471st Amphibian Truck Company
  • 592nd Port Company
  • 726th Signal Air Warning Company

Navy Doctors and Corpsmen

  • Were organic units in the Marine Regiments or assigned to the 5th Medic Battalion

Naval Officers Serving as Chaplains

  • Were organic units in the Marine Regiments
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